Carry-on Baggage

New Transport Canada regulation concerning Carry-on bags. Effective October 23, 2017, NWAL will be introducing new rules that comply with Transport Canada. Passenger carry-on baggage will be weighed at the check-in counter at Edmonton. After the carry-on bag are weighed, that bag will be issued a carry-on baggage tag.

If the combined weight of baggage and carry-on is over 63 pounds, the over-weight fee of $1.00 per pound will be charged. Checked bags should not weigh more that 50 pounds, and carry-on not more than 13 pounds.

If the passenger arrives at Gate 7 boarding counter with a carry-on bag without a carry-on tag, that extra bag must be weighed and may be bumped if the aircraft weight guidelines are exceeded.

In the coming months this policy will be applied at all check-in counters where NWAL flies to and departs from.