2 more Jetstream 32s were added to the fleet bringing the total up to 8 Jetstreams. 3 Jetstream 31s and 5 Jetstream 32s


A base of operations was opened up in Red Deer, Alberta. The inaugural flight took place December 1 offering service to Saskatoon, Meadow Lake, Fort McMurray, Fort Smith and Yellowknife.

We accepted delivery of our first Jetstream 32, allowing for increased passenger and cargo capacity on our longer routes. The Jetstream 32 also offers increased performance in addition to extra capacity.


Our horizons expanded with the acquisition of a Cessna 185, Cessna 210 and deHavilland Beaver. The former Big River Air hanger in Fort Smith was also purchased in order to move forward in the business of remote charters.


A Beechcraft 99 was added to the fleet in order to service the smaller communities, which had shorter airstrips. The Beechcraft 99 has proven to be a very useful aircraft for the mines’ crew and cargo movements from many northern communities to the remote mine sites.


The first of four, Jetstream 31’s was purchased in order to provide an enhanced level of service. The Jetstream 31 provides close to regional Jet carrier performance levels in a turbo prop configuration that has proven to be ideal for the northern commuter flights.


Northwestern Air Lease Ltd embarked on scheduled passenger service in addition to providing specialty charter services. The company decisively transformed its fundamental focus towards providing the “Best of Class Service” for both air charter customers and scheduled airline customers.


Northwestern Air Lease Ltd started as an airline leasing company then transformed three years later in to an airline charter company that for over 20 years specialized in fire suppression services by providing air-water bomber services to the forestry management division.